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Love Never Fails

(I Need You In My Life)
by Gilbor I. Camporazo
Rebing and Gil

February 14 is a very special day for the lovers, both the young and the old. This day or Valentine's day is also a very momentous occasion for this columnist. He recalls in 1968 when he first met his high school sweetheart, Rebecca who later became his partner in life.

Their love story is one of its kind. It is unique so to speak for it started with a birth certificate to marriage certificate. Now they're reaping the fruits of their prolific living as husband and wife, and as father and mother of six children.

Contemplating on their theme love song, "I Need You in My Life" (popularized by a local Filipino singer, Homer Paredes; and the music and lyrics were written by Pablo Vergara), he couldn't believe, but it's true, for it typifies their sincere love for each other.

"I need you love and care" goes the plea for their affection.

"Yes, I need you. I want you in my life" stresses how determined and anxious are they with their love.

"There's no one in this world who could love you the way that I do" depicts their heartfelt commitment for each other.

"Please believe me, believe me my love" goes the unwavering pledge.

"I need you in my life"epitomizes their dependency that they want each other for better or for worse.

Here's the complete lyrics of the song:

I need you in my life 
I need your love and care 
Yes, I love you so much 
I want you. I need you in my life.
There's no one in this world 
Who can love you the way that I do 
Please believe me, believe me my love 
I need you in my life.
You make me forget all my sorrow 
You make me happy when I'm blue 
Please love me, be with me forever 
I can no longer live without you.
I need you in my life 
Yes, I need you, need you in my life 
Believe me I will love you forever 
'Cause I need you in my life.
(Repeat Chorus and III)

This song, "I Need You in My Life", is being played on the background.

Their married life became firm and stable when they turned themselves in and converted to the faith of the true Church of God, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (1980) 23 years ago and accepted the new everlasting covenant of marriage. They're sealed at the temple with their lovely six kids, believing that "Families are forever." For they know as long as they're true and faithful with their commitment and covenant, they'll be "together for time and eternity."

Faith never fails so does with love.

Happy Valentine, Bing! I love you.

More on the love life of Gil & Rebing:

(Published in Negros Daily Bulletin, 14 February 2003)
Posted 11 January 2007



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